Tuesday, 28 May 2013

SYNERGY by; Hannah Amma Konadu Anarfi

This pain
That brought me to this land
Cannot leave.
When it does,
I might die

When it disappears,
I won’t have you too
Sweet words
Ejaculated from the secret
Orifices of my brain

I might lose these
Turgid words
In constant, heated foreplay
With my heart

Now these tears
That wash
My soul out
And soak up
The night
With its overflow
Will dry up

When this pain leaves
I will die

Is it madness
That haunts me
And pushes me deep
Into the dark abyss
Of bitter memories
Each night?

Is it the hunger
To have you with me
That draws me
Into blazing fire - 
To the edge
Of hell?

I cannot
Stand to lose
What feeds
My fingers

When she leaves
Oh when this pain
Packs up
And leaves…

I will surely die.

1 comment:

  1. hmmm...interesting. i don't think you'll die though. you'll only go mad,that's for sure. people think writing (creativity in general) is driving us crazy, but it's the other way round. creativity is what's keeping us sane at the moment. one month without it will surely be the end of our dear sanity..Amankwah