Tuesday, 28 May 2013

SYNERGY by; Hannah Amma Konadu Anarfi

This pain
That brought me to this land
Cannot leave.
When it does,
I might die

When it disappears,
I won’t have you too
Sweet words
Ejaculated from the secret
Orifices of my brain

I might lose these
Turgid words
In constant, heated foreplay
With my heart

Now these tears
That wash
My soul out
And soak up
The night
With its overflow
Will dry up

When this pain leaves
I will die

Is it madness
That haunts me
And pushes me deep
Into the dark abyss
Of bitter memories
Each night?

Is it the hunger
To have you with me
That draws me
Into blazing fire - 
To the edge
Of hell?

I cannot
Stand to lose
What feeds
My fingers

When she leaves
Oh when this pain
Packs up
And leaves…

I will surely die.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

BEASTS. By: Hannah Amma Konadu Anarfi

Once upon a time,
The rhythm of our delicately merged hearts
Beating… skipping… racing…
When for the first time our eyes met
Was the music we knew
The only tune we could dance to.

Once upon a time,
We were both human.

But now these hands of mine,
Once innocent and fragile,
Are trembling.

This tired head now holds too much evil
Too heavy for my heart to bear
So it fell out as I journeyed here, heartless!

My tears have frozen midway down my cheeks.
For the melody in your heart has turned discordant
To you, I’ve become a lowly servant
And my mind with deep loathing, leaks.

You have made pain a constant companion
In this damned body of mine

The desire to spill blood
Your blood
Is like large flesh-eating termites
Crawling up my every opening
Feasting greedily on my insides
Dear Lord!
What is happenning?

Must I stay like this forever
Dining with the very image of my fears?

Must I, remain flat-faced on the floor
Prostrate before the beast you have now become?


A year of hapiness with you
Was all I had.
Then you took as a mistress
That tall, elegantly shaped
Intoxicating green bottle!

Then you made me
Your whore
Your laundry basket
Your refuse bin.
You practiced your amateur boxing
On my belly;
Swollen with a son-
Our son.
Three in a row
You boxed out prematurely.
The last cost me my womb.
You sucked the human out of me!
And now…
We are both beasts.

So let us waltz towards your grave, my beast.
All through our steps recalling
Those early nights you spent with me.
You once laughed with me
But now we have taken poison together
Bitter-sweet poison, together.
So let us go
Let’s go dance on your shiny marble grave.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ask Not; by FiendeBawa

When hearts flow to meet you,
When emotions flare to illume you;
When the chambers pound and spew
Life into the carriers because they see you-

Whilst the fire burns in your direction,
When true desires for you are known;
Whilst you must have never thought of it
And you sense the the yearnings nigh-

My friend, do not ask, do not search
Do not yearn to know the fire's fuel.
Let those pass: for arguments scarcely start
If we demand credentials and let none by.

Do not love with reason-they might fail with time:
Beauty fades, money dwindles, fame sucks- what the loss will bring.
So do not search
and please, man, woman do not ask!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I saw a neptunian land on earth
Angels of doom welcomed his birth;
While gods up neptune mourn his death
He galloped across the length and breadth of the third ‘universe’

I saw in my vision
How the Trojan holds man captive in his own jurisdiction
And the thousands of men that have excused their minds
Oh poor mankind!

Beware of him that promises gold,
Of him that smiles outside but frowns inside;
He is the Trojan!
He made my night on ‘dreamland’ cold
And outstrip me of hopes of brighter tomorrow
With such heavy tide

This is what we need;
Yes, in the land of our thoughts
Whatever it takes and costs
For we are products of our thoughts

his identity lay naked before me
I have been liberated and so must my friends
My advice?
Think positive…..
And be careful who you tell your dreams!

 ◕Fiifi de wordsmith™
Samuel Abaidoo © 2012

Monday, 17 September 2012


Like the giddy sensation a sunny day blossom on our souls,
Lightening across the face
Form an eternal footprint in our memory,
Even a stranger's own creates a welcoming scenery
As mortals we be, nature never granted us the wish to foretell,
To foretell what actually lies behind the glistering teeth
The bowels of the earth mothers mysterious offspring
Oh yes, the showcase of our bony structure is no different
Watch brethren! Least you fall
As cunningly as a serpent may wriggle
A smile may be a facade that shadows the real being!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

HALF TRUTHS By: King Bright


           The baker's bread reveal buried light,
              Whose rays reflect in the hearts of the blind.
          With their hearts they see clearly at night:
              These half-baked truths enshrined in your own mind.

            In haste, guardians dropout their promise
                To shower gifts on the innocent child,
            Yet on their return, shut off the bliss
                And implant lies in the womb of the child.

             Then the Minister woos us to Christ,
                With playbacks of quotes of endless Freedom:
             And into the bountiful arms of Christ,
                We come to hear of joy in different form.
             The seeds of half truths indeed germinate,
                 But verbal dysentery, its precious fruit,
             Shall ruin my begotten restless State.
                And like half baked bread, shall our stomach loot!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Writing Frenzy (group project)

How possibly
Can the Prince of Peace
Calm all the storms and tempests
In this dispensation down?
We ask,
Can this bitter root
Of eternal lies
Be uprooted from our backyards?
How long
Must we drink
From the pot of ignorance
While dark clouds form
Above our humble abode?
How long
Shall the thirsty palm wine tapper
Be denied a drink
From his own calabash?

The coal pot
Now fears its own ash
At night,
I feel the might of a clear mood
Coming from a shattered sight
The promise
Of storm-less skies
Calls me ever on
Toward the horizon
Where my hopes are shattered,
The future made bleak
And my bio-root threatened
My search is nearing a sad end
My dreams spiral down into a dark ravine
These dreams
Leave me eating my fufu with fire
The far-off sight
Of the stilled adukuro mu nsuo
Leaves my throat calling for help
A call to the ancestors
Who masticate serenity
In their shrine

We Call
We Cry
We Plead
Give us reason
Give us...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

MY LIFE (2011) ADU .E. K. POKU

How I long to see your face today
But all I see
Are your feet 
In my weak memory
I mourn you today,
My life

Here I lie in dismay
Because thy wise mistress says
Gold and silver I cherish
Not the ink of a fool on paper

How sweet it looked
Seeing my first fruit
My companionship
With your mistress produced,
All I have today
Is a seed of this fruit

Forgive me
My life,
For your name
I remember not,
Forgive me
For I call you my life,
For my work’s sake

Oh how gay I am
At the sight of your feet
My life
For thy body’s photo
Is nowhere to be found
The photographer remembers not
I mourn you
My life
But I mourn your mistress not.

Thursday, 30 August 2012



I fought my thoughts out
The scenes I perceive
Thrashes out my zone of comfort
I lay out my thought to my captor
My captor is my defensive weapon
She unravels my true inner being

Each night and day, I sought out
My sentiments to outdoor what
My heart has caught
But to all my hopes I lost
My heart has bought a stricken old coat
And each time i wear it, the looks and sighs
Of the lost generation I feel

I am one wild walrus in the sea
Searching for survival
I have been kept in shackles
Shackles that wear off my skin
When I struggle

I am one fearless, candid eagle in the air
How difficult is it to question my veracity
For the gospel is my priority
these shackles shuts my thoughts to a naught

My fate is at stake
On a highway
But the way to exit tells me
One day,
I will say out my thoughts
In my heart
To my appraisal
Bosom of affection
This is my time of perfection 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Kate a barmaid turned to conquer
And Marlow was by accident wooed.
In this instance I see that her stoop lays bare
What he would not search.

And now, he was as new as grass in rain days;
Never being mauled or blemished,
And there she stood with an appealing look;
Awakening his emotions, overthrowing his reasoning.

He never could resist the urge to enter,
And she took the rope, untied,
She stooped exposing the iron gate
..........and he once entered was forever vanquished!

Friday, 24 August 2012

LETTERS IN JULY by; Awurama Adu-Gyamfi Betty

summer 2012,

from a lonely journey to a lonely soul across the world,
These days between spring and autumn are not yet numbered,
The days are yet to come and every passing moment feels like eternity.
Heaven has provided warmth
And loneliness, chilly nights
The mirage of you keeps running and breathless
On those memorable days I laid my pillow
Touching you now in my mind;
You are looking and smiling,
We are giggling and teasing,
You are saying the words in the song,
I am saying the words in the poem.
But these are just phantoms and shadows,
And more like mannequins which look like me and you.
These days have more stringent rules
and so the distance will be kept for now
and the letters will be read later
The beaches are wonderful,
The sun is beautiful,
The people are in love
the only thing out of sight is you,
But after summer we will be together.
for all the days.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

DONT WORRY. by; Kofi Amankwah Asihene

You hear the clings and clangs
Of the shackles
Of the brave African warriors,
As they are being led
Into European dungeons.
You see the whips
Of the slave master,
Tearing off the black flesh
Of your black brother.
And you hear him screaming
And cursing
In his native tongue.

But don’t worry,
Be happy.
Because you are not the one in shackles;
And your flesh is not the one interacting with the whips

You hear the crazy chants
Of the Ku Klux Klan
As they hunt down
The men and women
Who have the devil’s complexion.

And you hear the screams
And shrieks
And shrills
Of the black woman
As she is being raped;
Not raped to be set free,
But raped to be murdered afterwards.

You hear the silent sobs
Of the little black boy
As he watches his sister,
His mother,
His grandmother
Being RAPED by men
Who have the angel’s complexion.

You hear Martin Luther King
Shouting at the top of his voice,
“I have a dream!”
And that phrase
And echoes
And echoes
And echoes in your head
Till you can bare it no more.

But don’t worry,
Be happy.
Because you are not the one being raped;
And you are not the witness of any racial rape.

You hear the rattling
Of the machine guns
In the Hutu-Tutsi land
And you hear the swish swash
Of the Hutu machete
As it slashes and chops off
The heads of the Tutsi family.

You see their heads rolling
In the bright blue sky;
You see their heads spitting out blood and brains.
And you smell the stinky
Piled up
As high
As Kilimanjaro;
Black dead bodies
Dead black bodies,
Left to rot.

You hear the cracks
Of the bones
Of the black man
As the apartheid dog
Sinks its white teeth
Into the black bones
Of the black barbarian.

You hear him scream
In pain
As he is being masticated alive.

But don’t worry,
Be happy.
Because you are not the one being beheaded;
You are not the one being chewed alive.

You hear the rattling
Of the machine guns
In the northern deserts.

And you hear the shouts
Of the rebel leader,
“Allahu Akbar!”
As he pushes the final bullet
Into the body of the great oak tree;
The final bullet
That will silence the great oak

You watch
As the stubborn occupant
Of the white throne of tusks
Is elevated;
Not elevated to a higher ground,
But elevated
From his throne
Into the dungeon.

You hear gunshots
Between the Bible
And the Quran.
You see bombs
Being hurled
At the churches
From Bokko Haram.

But don’t worry,
Be happy.
Because very soon
It will be your turn.
So don’t worry,
Be happy.

IF I EVER LOVED. by; Bright Owusu

If I ever loved,
I would dare pluck heaven's glory for you
I would inflict your being with pains of success
But when night is bereft of the moon's splendor,
And the clergy of their clerical suit,
Realities entangle imaginations in the web of wishes

If I ever loved,
I would dare pluck Cupid's wings for you
I would drain and instil in your veins bouquet of trust
But when oceans are robbed of sand dunes,
And gardens of rosebuds,
Desire locks choices behind the bars of free-will

If I ever loved,
I would dare with Lucifer's voice sing
I would scrub and infuse in your mind thoughts of assurance
But when dawn is axed of tears,
And flowers in June of bloom,
Yearnings sink abilities in the stream of forgetfulness.